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About Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care at The Children's Hospital at Westmead

The Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care is a specialised unit where more than 600 premature newborns, neonates, and critically ill infants with complex medical conditions, such as serious cardiac and surgical disorders are treated.

Originally named after Grace Bros Staff Aid to Charities, the Grace Centre is not a maternity ward. It is a specialised centre providing tailored care to the medical or surgical needs of the state’s sickest infants—some as young as 23 weeks gestation.

Babies who are born at the maternity ward in Westmead Hospital can be immediately transfered to Grace. Other babies are flown to the nursery within hours of birth from across NSW, ACT and Pacific Rim region for urgent life-saving care not available anywhere else in the state.

The Grace Centre for Newborn Care delivers complex medical and surgical care to extremely sick newborn babies from NSW, the ACT and Pacific Rim. These babies are born with conditions that need immediate stabilisation and treatment which often involves very complicated surgery on tiny bodies. Babies with conditions like complex congenital heart disease, remediable congenital malformations and medical conditions are flown to the unit within hours of birth to receive care not available anywhere else in the state.


Your help with the Race for Grace will assist greatly in continually allowing the centre to provide the quality of care our babies require.

Where funds raised from Race for Grace 2020 will go ? 

This year Race for Grace 2020 will be raising vital funds to purchase Dräger© Babytherm intensive care beds, valued at $17,401 each.

The beds are an open style base heated warming system that improves access to the baby for both care providers and the family. Our biomedical engineers will convert this bed into a mobile ICU bed with full ventilation, monitoring, battery backup and intravenous fluid pumps so babies can be transported around the hospital for surgical interventions and imaging.

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